Game Previews from FIJ 2020 II: Bruno Faidutti Special — Vintage, Poisons, Gold River, and Vabanque

by W. Eric Martin

For my second round-up of game overview videos from FIJ 2020 — the annual game convention in Cannes, France, where the BGG interviewed designers and publishers for four days — I have an easy connection between all of the videos included: designer Bruno Faidutti.

Vintage, a 3-6 player design from Matagot in which you try to grab good stuff from flea markets, had an issue that will be a common occurrence among releases in 2020: a production delay that kept the game from arriving at the show in time to be sold. (I’ll post more on this topic in a report from GAMA Expo 2020 the week of March 16, 2020.)

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Poisons, a co-design with Chris Darsaklis from Ankama for 3-8 players, is a bluffing-based, press-your-luck game in which you want to consume drinks to score points — but you score more when you take a chance on drinking from a possibly poisoned cup.

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Gold River is a new version of Boomtown, a co-design with Bruno Cathala that first appeared in 2004.

This release from Lumberjacks Studio keeps much the same as in the original release, with players bidding on the right to acquire mines that will hopefully pay out lots of gold as the game progresses, although players can also become the mayor of a mining town, which will give them a cut of the earnings from anyone else who mines in that town.

The resolution of the bidding system is clever and simple: Whoever bids the most gets first choice from the available cards, with everyone else choosing a card in clockwise order, while half the money paid out by the winner goes to the first player in counterclockwise order, with the next player in that order gaining half of what remains, and so on. Everyone gets something — just not necessarily what you wanted.

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• This overview of Vabanque, a co-design with Leo Colovini that first appeared in 2001, is the only one of these four not presented by Faidutti. Instead Raphaël Bernardi of publisher Igiari showed off the game, which is more polished and closer to publication than what we saw at FIJ 2019.

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